Found In A Library Book - Oakland Library

Things found in library books at Oakland Public Libraries in California

DC Library Community Archive

Includes archival pictures, footage, scanned physical media, and oral histories of DCs local culture and history

Smithsonian Virtual Archives

Includes a collection of historical records, artifacts, photos, and videos archived by the Smithsonian Institute


Database of Indigenous Land

Ever wondered who's land you're on? You can find out here!

Color Mixing and Palette Creation


Ruben Blades Fan Page
Every Noise at Once

A graph that organizes different music genres by how they sound

AI Generated Faces

The site generates one random face at a time, none of these people exist

Queering the Map

View community submitted queer experiences around the world!

Cat Bounce


Cowboy Frank

An older gay man, named Frank, who blogs about his cowboy related interests and life experiences!