• DC Creatives Club
  • Weekly meetings for creatives of all types and skill levels.

  • Art Femmes
  • Art therapy group for feminine people.

  • Girls Rock
  • Hosts music camps for children and adults, focuses on the intersection of art and community activism.

  • Hat Band and Flash Band
  • Sign up and get put in a band with random people. Open to any skill level!

  • Son La Lucha
  • Son Jarocho group that hosts weekly workshops focusing on learning songs with an emphasis on human rights and labor organizing!

  • Word Beats and Life
  • Nonprofit that's dedicated to teaching hiphop culture and produciton.


  • DC Peace Team
  • Group that specializes in unarmed civilian proteciton as a police alternative. They are trained in nonviolent deescalation and are present at events and gatherings.

  • Freshfarm
  • An organization that works to build a more equitable and sustainable food system in the Midatlantic region.

  • International Rescue Comittee
  • Worldwide organization that helps restore human needs to places devastated by violence and disasters

  • CASA
  • Community organizers that work to improve the lives of working class poc and immigrants

    Human Development

  • Latin American Youth Center
  • Community organization that helps disadvantaged youth transition smoothly into adulthood

  • LGBT+ organization that helps empower youth between the ages of 6-24.